With the arrival of winter, rain and low temperatures quickly take over mainland Portugal, thus contributing to the fact that in some Portuguese cities, villages or towns snow paints their landscapes. Today we are going to talk about 5 places in Portugal where you can enjoy the snow, either with extreme sports, the typical Snowman sculptures or even relaxing watching the white painted landscapes, which resemble paintings taken from an enchanted world.


Serra de Montesinho:

We start at Serra de Montesinho, located near Bragança. This typical Trás-os-Montes village, at an altitude of 1000 meters, will win you over with its serenity, with its well-maintained streets and buildings and, of course, its gastronomic offer. Book a relaxing weekend in its typical granite houses, prepared to welcome its tourists with wooden balconies open to the mountains!

During your stay, enjoy the trails along the villages of Montesinho, França and Portelo. Once located in Montesinho Natural Park, don't be surprised to see eagles, storks or even Iberian wolves and deer! In the village, in addition to being able to visit the Interpretative Museum of Montesinho, housed in one of its typical houses and the Church, don't leave without trying the typical regional dishes that feature the famous Montesinho goat, sweet eggs, honey cake, supplications and the donuts. To help keep your body temperature warm, taste and enjoy the locally produced wine and brandy!


Serra do Gerês:

The road 202 takes us to Soajo, located in the heart of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. The village of Soajo is an ancient village, located in a mountainous area of great beauty, predominantly rural. The village is characterized by its streets paved with granite slabs and houses built with stone blocks, where peace of mind reigns and time seems to have stopped, surrounded by an almost immaculate nature.

Serra do Gerês stretches from the upper part of Minho to the Transmontana lands, where in summer it offers the best bathing in its waterfalls and incredible views over the sunny landscapes. Well, in winter, the beauty of the white painted views is second to none! In addition to all the winter activities you can do here with friends and family.

A part of the municipality of Montalegre is part of the protected Peneda-Gerês National Park. A little throughout the region, there are archaeological remains that show a human presence since prehistoric times. In the place where the village of Montalegre is located, it is likely that there was a prehistoric people that, later, would have given way to a village with an agro-pastoral vocation.

In this area, you cannot miss a horseback ride along the trails in nature, as well as tasting delicacies with Minho and Trás-os-Montes influences.


Serra do Marão:

Located at an altitude of 1400 meters, between Amarante, Régua and Vila Real, Serra do Marão is the annual main stage of snow. When the snow falls hard, accesses and main roads close and the invitation to play in the snow is more than obvious for some places. On the EN101, the detour to the Nossa Senhora do Marão viewpoint is a guarantee of a memorable view.

25km away from Vila Real, a visit to this city is mandatory. Vila Real is known for its University, which every year welcomes new students from the most different areas, with emphasis on agricultural sciences, since the area lives off this industry. Be sure to try the typical roasts in the area and also the famous sausages, from ham to sausages and cheese. The region's Bola de Carne is a delicacy not to be missed!


Serra da Estrela:

Serra da Estrela, the highest point in mainland Portugal at an altitude of 1993 meters, is the protagonist when it comes to white landscapes and activities in the snow, from games and sculptures to extreme sports such as skiing or snowboarding!

There are several towns and villages located nearby, from Covilhã, Guarda, Seia, Manteigas... All of them have in common the low temperatures that are felt when winter and rain arrive. Covilhã, at 700 meters above sea level, is the most important urban center in the Serra da Estrela area. With a long history and human occupation since ancient times, Covilhã has one of its main references in its wool industry. There are several points of interest in this dynamic city and its surroundings, with a pleasant historic center, with places such as the old Jewish quarter, with its narrow streets and Manueline windows, the Chapel of São Martinho, the Chapel of Santa Cruz or the Museum of Wool. Parks, gardens, manor houses, and many Churches demonstrating the religious fervor of the region, are pleasant and interesting heritage legacies of this area.

With a human presence since time immemorial, populated by the most remote peoples, the city of Guarda, county and district seat, is, at the top of its 1056 meters, the highest city in Portugal, located on one of the slopes of Serra da Estrela. Several points of interest exist both in Guarda and in its surroundings, of which the most striking example is its Cathedral, there are many other points of interest such as the José Lemos Garden, the old medieval Rossio where fairs were held, the Convent of São Francisco, the Torre dos Ferreiros and the Menagem Tower of the old castle and the Church of São Vicente.

Gastronomy in Beira is one of the region's important landmarks, with a good range of restaurants in the area, with emphasis on Grain broth, Lagareiro-style codfish, Roasted Kid and the unavoidable Rice Pudding.


Serra de S. Mamede:

Vila do Marvão has a strategic location, as it is located at the highest point of the Serra de São Mamede, with difficult access, which served as natural protection and so close to the border, made it a Portuguese defensive bastion for centuries, stopping here various battles and political struggles. When visiting Marvão, you are sure to visit history itself, which runs through these narrow streets of Alentejo architecture, Gothic, Manueline heritage and medieval testimonies of other times and crafts, marked in the typical local granite.

Located right at the gates of the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, from the top of Marvão you have amazing views over the entire surrounding area, with highlights such as the Torre de Menagem or the Pousada de Santa Maria, from where you can get fantastic panoramas. . In an environment of peace of mind and tranquillity, surrounded by walls from the 13th and 17th centuries, Marvão rises to the heights of this historic village of winding streets and white houses, showing that time is not as fast and fast as it so often seems.

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